Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have decided to dust off the old loom and dedicate myself again to one of my favorite things, weaving. My first project will be a fine woven scarf in a range of muted greys. I have some great hand spun and hand dyed wool from the Isle of Skye and I think this would be the perfect use for it. At the moment I work on a 4 harness, Leclerc floor loom so the weave structures are more limited but simplicity will allow the fiber to be the focus of the work.

Trend Book

I have been busy working on a trend book I plan to distrubute by spring 08 for spring/summer 09 trends. I am looking for contributers to donate artwork/poetry/fashion photography/ textiles/ illustration or anything one feels compells to share.
This photograph by Diego Fuga inspired the 'Electro Dream' chapter of the book.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Future Textile Design

I have several of these pictures which have inspired new textile designs as well as images for a section of my trend book. Its amazing what you discover on your morning commute!