Saturday, June 30, 2012

Custom made 'Tsuba' Pendant

This year my husband and I celebrated four years of marriage. I really wanted to give him something extra special that had a personal touch. Yas Tanaka, head goldsmith at Pavé Fine Jewelry and 4th generation Silversmith from Japan took on my commission to create this 'Tsuba' pendant. The 'Tsuba' is a hand guard traditionally found on Japanese swords. The patina is a closely guarded family secret, passed down through the family. I wanted to incorporate a dragon as Morgwn has an affinity with the beast and tattoo to boot, as well as a Scottish thistle to represent my home country Scotland. The back reads right to left, as per the Japanese language and says, '2012, Yas Tanaka, 4 years, Roseanna and Morgwn' I will be creating a website for Yas this year, watch this space for more details!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Personal Travel Blanket

I started last week on my latest woven piece. It is a soft, portable blanket that can fold into most bags. I am making this series out of linen, cotton and tencel. Better pictures to follow. The lighting on the studio is too warm!

Strawbaby Jam

Morgwn and I hit the Berkeley Bowl this week and found some perfect strawberries and peaches to make jam from. We used a very simple recipe and it came out sooo tasty, especially on crusty, buttery toast. The cotton fabric comes from Piedmont Fabric. They have a wonderful selection of printed and woven textiles. We cant wait to give these to our friends and family.